We are bringing dining, culture, drinks, and dancing together for the ultimate cultural immersion experience in our unique featured events and multicultural festivals. Our events provide the opportunity to deliver and feature new drinks alongside region specific food. We are offering exclusivity among category brands so that we can continue to grow with our sponsors and create a mutually beneficial partnership. We have performed over 700 events throughout the country and successfully driven and substantially increased alcohol sales as a result of our unique events. With the expansion of our events into larger scale festivals, we have the opportunity to take on more partners and create a larger impact in increased revenue.

Taste The World Festival

Our event is the ultimate multi-cultural immersion in a multi-day format. There will be countless food vendors representing a variety of cultures, so that our guests get to experience all that each culture has to offer. To match each cultural region, alcoholic flights and other beverages will be offered for sale to guests 21 and older. Throughout the event, guests will be delighted by live entertainment, such as musicians and performers, highlighting different regions of the world. Merchandise and apparel, unique to each culture, will also be available for purchase.

Social media exposure

Website advertisements through banners and targeted ads

Print to include signage at event, ticket email confirmations, posters & flyers

Booth if desired at event

Room at event for product displays