Welcome to Taste the World Festivals. Our mission is to deliver the ultimate cultural and culinary experience. Our festivals and events provide an authentic cultural immersion with food, live entertainment, and drinks. At our events and festivals you can expect the perfect ambiance of music, dancing, and mingling.

The vision of Taste the World Festivals was created by a husband and wife after feeling other festivals did not live up to their expectations. The delivery, food, or experience always seemed to be lacking. They attended a multi country world food festival  featuring 40 or more countries. They stood in line for 20 minutes and purchased 1 dish from 1 country for $15 that filled them up and they left the festival only tasting one country’s food. They were not able to experience the world as advertised. This husband and wife decided to create and deliver the ultimate food and cultural experience by creating a format that satisfies guests and creates a better business opportunity for food vendors.

What is unique about our festival, is that all food is delivered tapas style. We have designed it so that guests are able to taste and enjoy food from each food vendor, representing a different culture or region. Rather than food vendors competing against each other, our event is setup for each vendor to serve all or most guests.

How the Festival Works:

Each vendor will create a small tasting dish priced at $5.00 to be served at the event. No orders or money exchange needs to take place, as guests will be given tickets that they will give to each vendor in exchange for the sampling plate. This will expedite food delivery and ensure guests are able to enjoy all of the different food vendors. After the event is finished, the vendors will turn in the collected tickets for payment, at $5.00 per ticket. Food tickets will be pre-purchased by guests from our team, so that you and your team can focus on food quality and delivery to maximize your profit.

Plate Instructions

Each plate should include 3 items, with each item being 2-3 bites each. We recommend having at least 1 meat item and 1 vegetable item. We don’t want serving sizes to be too large so that guests become full after 1 vendor. A sample plate is included below for reference.


Multicultural Festivals

Our goal is to provide the ultimate multi-cultural immersion in a multi-day format. There will be countless food vendors representing a variety of cultures with food delivered tapas style, so that you get to experience all that each culture has to offer. To match each cultural region, alcoholic flights and other beverages will be offered for sale to guests 21 and older. Throughout the event, you will be delighted by live entertainment, such as musicians and performers, highlighting different regions of the world. Merchandise and apparel, unique to each culture, will also be available for purchase

Each event has a separate section for desserts. Dessert vendors will sell items separately. The sampling menu does not apply to dessert vendors. All desserts are available for purchase directly through the vendor and are not included in any ticket pricing.